von Tighe Haus 'F' Litter

Sire: El-Diablo vom Haus Fasold IPO 3

OFA Good Hips / Normal Elbows ZW# 89 DM (N/N)

Dam: SG Askew von Tighe Haus IPO 2 Kkl TT

a-normal Hips/Elbows ZW# 69 DM (N/N) CAER OFA Cardio

Litter Status: breeding should take place May 2020
Linebreeding: None
Price: $2,500 CDN

We will breed Askew von Tighe Haus to El-Diablo vom Haus Fasold who was the 2017 South West Regional UScA Champion and a UScA National Competitor. This breeding was recommended by Ajay Singh of vom Patiala GSDs in California. After meeting "Emerik" at the 2018 UScA Nationals in Pittsburgh and speaking at length with his owner and Ajay, we feel this is an excellent match for Kew. Emerik is of DDR (East German) heritage and we feel that this is the type of GSD will bring better self control and balance.

Having trained and titled Kew and both her parents (EmmyRico), I know my dogs very well. I do not breed to scorebooks, latest fads or biggest names in the breed. I picked this dog based on Ajay's recommendation (he knows his dogs and Kew is a product of two Patiala dogs) and knowing what Kew needs for improvement in her progeny. DDR lines in general should bring in more bone, deeper pigment and a better balance of drives. We have chosen to do no linebreeding in this litter as Kew is closely line bred on Jilnannah vom Talka Marda.

Puppies from this litter will be suitable for sport (Schutzhund / IGP / PSA etc..), other performance venues (competitive obedience, agility, scent detection etc...) and active pet homes.

Puppies should be within WUSV Breed Standard size
Puppies will be DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) cleared by parentage
Puppies will be Canadian Kennel Club Registered
Puppies will be socialized, vaccinated & de-wormed
Puppies will be sable or bi-colour

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Photos of Askew and Emerik

Puppy Contracts and why we don't have one

Most breeders have a contract that you must agree to and sign when buying a puppy. We do not. We do not make guarantees. Puppies are living creatures and they are a product of both genetics and environment. At von Tighe Haus, we do everything we can to make sure our breeding stock is healthy and we research pedigrees to look for any genetic health issues. Breeding by SV standards includes testing for working ability and evaluating our dogs both personally and through judges for temperament, biddability, drive and conformation. Our breeding philosophy ensures we do everything we can to produce a healthy well bred puppy.

Breeders use the word Guarantee when they mean Warranty. No breeder can offer you a guarantee, they cannot assure you nothing will ever go wrong.  A hip guarantee is an industry standard rather than a guarantee of quality. What they will tell you, right after the word guarantee, is what their warranty is. Warranties usually consist of replacing the defective dog by returning the dog to the breeder or giving you a free second dog. You will have to take a pup of the breeder's choice and it may be related to your already compromised puppy.  You will now be saddled with two dogs (or forced to give up a dog you have already grown attached to) plus the costs of treating the health issue.

We cannot force you to feed your puppy a specific food, we cannot force you to attend obedience classes and we will not ask you to sign a contract saying you will.  We do hope you want to do the best you can for your new dog and we would like you to feel comfortable discussing any and all aspects of your German Shepherd with us.

Our guarantee is this; if you purchase a puppy from us you will be assured that you are buying the best puppy we can breed. Because we do this for ourselves, we do not breed indiscriminately, we do not breed for colour, we do not breed out of the standard and we do not 'test' breed. We do not co-own dogs, we do not charge different prices for different colours or any 'quality' of dog, we do not charge more for males or females, we do not require you to breed a litter in the future. Our philosophy is clear; we breed to produce a dog that is better than it's sire & dam, we breed to continue the German Shepherd Dog the way it was meant to be bred. We stand behind every dog we produce and we will stand behind them for their entire lives.

We will help you, we will support you, we will take back your dog at any point in its lifetime. We will not contribute to the problem of unwanted animals. We hope you will believe in our program and we will show our belief in you:

  • If you title the dog you purchase from us to SchH 1 (IPO/IGP 1) we will sell you another puppy half price*
  • If you title the dog you purchase from us to SchH 3 (IPO/IGP 3) or CKC / AKC OTCh, we will give you another puppy*

*providing we are still actively breeding

We breed for ourselves - and we want a puppy that is bred to the highest possible standards

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