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Von Tighe Haus (CKC Registered) is located on 25 acres near Ottawa, Ontario (south of Kemptville) where we breed West German Working Line German Shepherd Dogs.

As a GSD enthusiast, I spent over 15 years in the breed before breeding my first litter. The following is a list of my qualifications in the breed, dogs and the sport of Schutzhund (IPO/IGP):

  • Executive of the Ottawa & Area GSD Club from 2002-2014 having held the positions of President, Vice-President & Membership Director
  • Editor of the OAGSDC Newsletter (Capital Shepherd News) for 12 years
  • Professional Dog Trainer for 6 years (not currently)
  • Training and Trialling in Schutzhund (IPO/IGP) since 2008
  • I Compete and titled in CKC and AKC Competitive Obedience and Rally Obedience, SDDA Scent Detection & CKC Tracking
  • Founding Member of the Ottawa Working Dog Club
  • Founding Member of Rogue Working Dog Alliance
  • CKC (CGN) Canine Good Neighbour Program Evaluator
  • Event Coordinator for the GSSCC 2017 Canadian Championships & Sieger Show
  • Member of the GSSCC Schutzhund 3 Club with 2 dogs.
  • 2016, 2021 & 2022 GSSCC Ontario Region Board Trial Director
  • Member of the UScA Schutzhund 3 Club
  • Event Coordinator 2019 Ontario Regional GSSCC Championships
  • Event Organization Team 2019 CWDF Nationals
  • Event coordinator for the Canadian Championships & Sieger Show
  • Currently the GSSCC Judge Coordinator, Webmaster and National Trial & Show Paperwork Coordinator.

Until 2022 I had only ever owned one breed of dog, The German Shepherd Dog. My knowledge of the breed has grown exponentially since purchasing my first GSD (Tighe - pronounced "Tie") in 1999 and my expectation of the breed has also grown to the point where I am dismayed by what most breeders are passing off as a well bred GSD. I have strong views about following the SV breeding system and passionate views about backyard and/or bad breeding practices and those trying to destroy the breed I love.

I breed for myself, and I want a puppy that is bred to the highest possible standards

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Lee Hanrahan
Lee hanrahan
breeder / trainer

German Shepherd Dogs are my passion, my hobby, my life
not my source of income.

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Lee Hanrahan
Rico vom Patiala
We will always do the very best we can.
We will prove what we say with titles, certifications and documentation.
We will stand behind every puppy we produce.
Tighe Haus D Litter
We will be honest, forthcoming and objective about our dogs and what we do.