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The Cost of our Puppies

But I just want a pet!

Puppy Pricing

It costs next to nothing to do nothing and breed – but what does it cost a good breeder to produce quality puppies fromworthy parents?

Good breeders frequently hear puppy buyers say “but I justwant a pet!”For some inexplicable reason, many puppy buyers thinkwell-bred dogs and pets are two different types of dogs. They don’t want a rescue, they want a purebred GermanShepherd puppy - but they ‘just want a pet’.
What is the difference between a pure/well-bred dog and apet?

There is a pretty wide range of prices out there when youlook at buying a German Shepherd Dog. Of course greatpets can come from anywhere – but if you are going to buya puppy from a breeder - know the facts and don’t supportpeople who are just out to make a buck.

Mercury's Hips

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

You Get What You Pay For

When I had Mercury's hips x-rayed they didn't do so well...or did they? I didn't understand the results so I started to research what hip certifications are best and how they help us as breeders and buyers.

When discussing dog breeders, there seems to be the sameamount of confusion as there are breeders. This short articlewill talk about the different types.

We alwaysget what we pay for – the problem is we don’t always spendour dollars wisely. The world of puppy buying is extremelydifficult to navigate and right or wrong, knowledgeable orignorant, everyone has their own opinions. What should you be paying for when you buy a puppy?

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A buyer whose only prerequisite to buying adog from us is that we have one when they want oneis not at the top of our list! This isn’t how smart peopleshop for a dog.

How to Puppy Shop

puppy shop

Types of German Shepherd Dogs

Types of GSD

German Shepherd Dogs are now bred throughout the world but they have been split into many different types. Many articles have been written about the history of the breed and these splits in much more detail, this is just a simple explanation of some of the different types, their origins and their descriptions.

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