How much are your puppies?

All our puppies are $ 2,500.00 CDN plus shipping (and cost of a shipping crate) if applicable.

Do you sell pet dogs?

All the dogs we sell are pets. Dogs ARE pets. If you are looking for a low drive couch potato - look at getting a different breed.
We do not breed to suit everyone - we breed dogs that can work.

Can I get two?

We will not sell two puppies together for too many reasons to list here!

Are your puppies cheaper if I don't want registration papers?

No, we will not sell a dog without Canadian Kennel club registration papers.
All the puppies we sell are registered purebred German Shepherd dogs.

How do your deposits work and are they refundable?

We only take deposits once pregnancy is confirmed or a litter is on the ground.
We require a $500 deposit to hold a puppy once you are approved.

Yes, our deposits are 100% refundable if either party changes their mind.

Do you have a waiting list?

Because we will not take deposits until a litter is on the ground, we do not have a waiting list. We do have people that are keeping themselves updated on our breeding plans and are waiting for our next litter. If you would like to know what our plans are, we suggest that you follow our website or contact us.

How can I reserve a puppy?

We don't take deposits until either our female is confirmed pregnant or a litter is on the ground. Most people are not willing to wait for a puppy and since our deposits ARE refundable, we don't need the extra work. If you are really interested, watch our FB Page or website for litter news and contact us again at that point.

Do you breed rare colours, whites or long coated dogs?

There is no such thing as rare colour in the GSD breed.
Blue, liver, panda and white are all faults and we breed within the standard.

Our dogs do not carry the long coat gene.

Do your dogs have straight backs?

'Straight backs' and 'old fashioned' are buzzwords used by bad breeders to sell their dogs to people who haven't researched the breed. Please read our article about 'Types of German Shepherd Dogs'

Why are your puppies so expensive?

Our dogs are priced according to market standards. Check out our list of articles regarding how much we do to ensure the puppies we produce are exceptional.

Do you offer discounts?

All our puppies are the same price, but we will discount puppies to repeat buyers who have titled their previous dog from us. Read about our policy here.

You don't have any puppies, where else can I get one?

We can help you find a reputable breeder. Please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to put you in touch with a breeder who can help.

Can I take a puppy home on a trial basis?

Absolutely....NOT. If you aren't sure you are ready for a puppy or for this breed of dog - you probably aren't.

Do I have to do Schutzhund (IPO) with the puppy I buy from you?

Of course not. Schutzhund (IPO) is a breed-worthiness test (and a sport) - we do it to prove our dogs are worthy of being bred, you are not obligated to do any sport with your dog.

Can I meet your dogs or watch them train?

Absolutely. Contact us to make arrangements.  We prefer to limit meetings to people who are seriously interested in purchasing a puppy. If we have no puppies (or none on the way) please don't waste your time if you aren't planning to wait for our next litter.

Your dogs have a lot of fancy titles, is that important?

Our dogs are titled to ensure we are breeding true to the breed. If you just want a dog that 'looks' like a German Shepherd, find a rescue dog in need of a home. If you want a real German Shepherd Dog, you want a breeder that tests their dogs in a breed specific area. We have a few articles about this you can read.

Will you train my dog?

Sorry, we are too busy to train dogs other than our own. Training your new puppy is a huge part of the enjoyment of owning a dog and bonding with a new puppy. You should want to put the effort into doing it yourself

Do you donate puppies?

Each situation is different, but yes we would consider donating a puppy to be used in Law Enforcement or as a Guide Dog.

What will you be doing for my puppy before it comes home?

We start our puppies on crate training, potty training and of course socializing before they go to their new homes. They are exposed to different surfaces, car rides, noises, people (including children when possible) and our other dogs.

What comes with my puppy?

Every puppy is wormed, vet checked, microchipped and has been vaccinated (Parvo & Distemper). You will receive your CKC Registration papers ASAP along with a puppy book with all this information.

Can I choose my puppy?

No. We match the puppy in the litter that is best suited to what the individual buyer is looking for.
It is important to us that you get the right dog.

Can I choose my dog's name?

You can call your puppy whatever you want, but we will choose or approve all registered names.

Will your dogs do well at the dog park or at a dog daycare?

The breed in general is not suited for dog parks or dog daycares. We are not interested in selling to homes that want to take our dogs to a dog park because we feel it will lead to problems down the road. Our dogs are high drive working dogs that do not need to play with dogs outside their own pack. If this is something you really want to do with your dog we suggest you look at a different breed (but we are sure you can find a GSD breeder who has less than stellar dogs that doesn't care what you do with your puppy!)

Do you only sell to working homes?

No. Every litter produces dogs suitable to active pet homes, performance homes and working homes - sometimes they are all the same dog as our dogs all make great pets. We will however give priority to homes with previous working dog experience.

What if I want a specific colour?

We know in advance what colours will be produced in a litter before it is born. You may request a preference, but if the best suited dog for you is not the colour you want, we will not substitute the colour you want over the dog you should have. We suggest that colour not be such a high priority on your list.

Do you charge more for....?

We charge the same amount for every puppy in a litter.
What we will charge more for is keeping a puppy beyond the first 8 weeks or shipping / delivery.

Are your dogs guaranteed against hip dysplasia?

No. We cannot guarantee that your puppy will never develop hip or elbow dysplasia - no breeder can guarantee that.
We will stand behind every puppy we produce.

Will you ship a puppy?

Yes we will ship and / or deliver a puppy.

Can I breed the dog I buy from you?

All our puppies are sold on CKC non-breeding agreements. We will be more than happy to lift the condition if you title your dog in Schutzhund (IPO) and certify both hips and elbows.

Do I have to spay or neuter my dog?

You do not have to spay / neuter your puppy until you want (if at all) but we will not allow registration of any puppies you produce. We also recommend that you do not spay/neuter your dog until at least 18 months.

What if someday I can't take care of my dog?

We will. For the life of the dog you purchase from us. We will take back any dog we produce and find it a suitable home.

What type of buyers (homes) are you looking for?

We are looking for homes that have some experience with the breed or similar working breeds. Homes that will take the time for an active dog that will need training and exercise. The fact that you jog or hike doesn't impress us - it will be a long time before a puppy would be ready for that level of daily activity and we are more concerned with how you will make time for the dog rather than how the dog will fit in with what you already do.

We are also looking for homes that will prove our breedings with dogs competing in Schutzhund (IPO), CKC Competitive Obedience, Agility etc... We choose puppies based on what we think their abilities will be and we want higher drive pups in working homes.

At what age can my puppy come home?

We like puppies to go to their new homes between 7 - 8 weeks (closer to 8). We can keep your puppy longer (for an additional charge) if needed but we will not let any puppy leave earlier. We also insist that we keep puppies a minimum of 24 hours after their vaccination.

What can't I find your dogs on the OFA Database?

We use the German a-stamp program and the PennHip System to certify our dog's hips and elbows. We feel this is a better system than OFA. You can read my article on hips here.

What food do you feed the puppies before they leave?

We feed Tollden Farms raw and believe that a raw diet is better for dogs. We wean our puppies onto a raw diet consisting of ground turkey, goat's milk and raw eggs. Before they leave us they are also fed raw beef tripe, chicken & pork.

Where are your puppies raised?

Our litters are born and raised in our home.

Will my new dog protect me?

Maybe, maybe not. If you are looking to buy a dog to use as a personal protection dog it will need professional training. Most people want a dog to live in their home as a companion and then have an unrealistic idea that this same dog will know the difference between friend and foe. We believe that our dogs are more important than our televisions & smart phones and we will protect them - not vice versa.  If you seriously need a protection dogs, yes, our dogs can be TRAINED to do this by a professional trainer.

Don't worry, your dog will bark when someone knocks at the door!

Do your dogs get along with other dogs?

Our dogs are not dog aggressive but we do not go our of our way to introduce or interact with dogs outside our pack as it is not important to us. If you are looking for a dog that will have to get along with strange dogs - the GSD may not be the right breed for you.

Are your dogs 'King Shepherds'?

No. Our dogs are registered purebred German Shepherd Dogs. King Shepherd is not a recognized breed.

Can I visit your kennel?

Of course - but we don't set up visits until we have something to sell. So unless we have bred, we don't have people come out and meet our dogs. We have one breeding female at the moment so we only have one litter per year. We have nothing to hide - but we are not a commercial operation. It's just our home and our pets...

Do you sell older or trained dogs?

We might occasionally have an older puppy/dog available if one is returned - contact us to find out.
We do not train dogs and then sell them.

Are your dogs from Champion Bloodlines?

"Champion Bloodlines" is a great buzzword and marketing gimmick - champion of what?
Every dog in our pedigrees is titled and health tested.

How big will your puppies get?

No crystal ball here - your dog will be as big / small as it gets.
We do not breed outside the standard:
Male dogs: Height at the withers 60 cm to 65 cm
Weight 30 kg to 40 kg
Female dogs: Height at the withers 55 cm to 60 cm
Weight 22 kg to 32 kg

Can your puppies do personal protection or security?

Our dogs are bred to work and yes they can be trained for personal protection and security work but unless you have a professional trainer lined up for this we will not sell a puppy for this purpose.
An estimate for this type of training would be $10-20K with a reputable trainer and take years.

Will your dogs make good therapy dogs?

We breed high drive working dogs who will make great therapy their old age....maybe!

Will your dogs make good service dogs or ESA dogs?

That is a very difficult question to answer
Service dogs are used for a wide variety of specific tasks for a wide variety of people. Our dogs are biddable, trainable, smart, can work all day, but will they be right for what you need would have to be looked at on a case by case basis.
We feel that if you need a specific type of dog it would be better to find an older dog who isn't as big a risk of not working out.

We will not sell puppies as Emotional Support Animals