All About Dot

Happy Valley's There's No Place Like Home "Dot"

Our History

I have been breeding German Shepherd Dogs under the kennel name "Tighe Haus" since 2014 after spending over fifteen years in the breed. They are my first love, but these little gems are growing on me!

Polka Dot Chihuahuas is a CKC Registered Kennel.

I met my first long-haired Chihuahua in Ohio in 2018 when I met Dot's grandmother 'Stitch'. I was amazed at her temperament as I'd never met a Chihuahua like that before.

I decided to buy a puppy from Happy Valley but had to wait about two years for a non-merle coloured female. Dot has been a big part of the family ever since!

All about Dot


Dot is a registered purebred (both AKC and CKC registration) apple-head, long haired Chihuahua. She is over the breed standard when it comes to weight and we fully acknowledge this. She also has an underbite.

So why are we breeding her? First and foremost, she has an amazing temperament that you will love! She has also passed all her health clearances.


The CKC breed standard states "Saucy, superior intelligence, generally reserved towards strangers." Dot lives up to most of this except she is not reserved with anyone! Dot LOVES everyone! She is super friendly with anyone she meets and is amazing with all my German Shepherd Dogs.

Dot was the first ever Chihuahua tested by the Temperament Test Association of Ontario and she passed the test with flying colours!

Temperament Test Certificate


Dot has passed the following health clearances (click on each for her certificates). As Dot has been screened for every disease recommended by the Chihuahua parent club she has also earned her CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) number. You can read more about this here.

OFA Link

Dot fit in right away. She is very social and sought out the companionship of all of my German Shepherd Dogs right away. Fredi (my youngest GSD) is her best friend and they play together daily. Emmy, my oldest (Fredi's Grandmother) is her cuddle buddy and they can be often found together on a dog bed.

Dot loves to run with the big dogs, she likes to swim, she chases rabbits and there is nothing she loves better than people!
You won't find Dot wearing sweaters or coats, she doesn't need to be carried, she never used pee pads and she isn't afraid of everything like many chihuahuas are. We love this about her and plan to carry this type in our future breedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you feed your dogs and puppies?

    We feed raw and believe that a raw diet is better for dogs. We wean our puppies onto a raw diet consisting of ground chicken or turkey, goat's milk and raw eggs. Before they leave us they are also fed beef & pork. Because small dogs have notoriously bad teeth, we like to let Dot chew on raw bones (like chicken wings and pork ribs) to help keep her teeth in the best possible shape.
  • What supplements do you use?

    We use Omega Alpha brand supplements. They are a Canadian Company and we like/sell their products. Dot is given Probiotics daily along with a joint supplement product SinewPet which helps strengthen her ligaments and prevent injuries. She is also fed an essential fatty acid oil, ACV and a product called 'Plaque Off' for her teeth.
  • What does my puppy come with?

    Your puppies comes with CKC limited registration (full registration can be discussed), a full check up from our vet which includes their first set of vaccines (Parvo/Distemper), a puppy book with all the info about your new dog and photos of their first weeks, a week's worth of raw food and a lifetime of support.
  • How much are your puppies?

    Our current litter (Olaf x Dot) puppies are $3000
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