CKC BS574000 SV 9185352

'A' STAMP HIPS/ELBOWS ZW #69 (09.18), PennHIP (90th Percentile)
CAER, OFA Cardio, DM (N/N)

Askew "Kew" is the daughter of Emmy (Phyre vom Patiala) and Rico vom Patiala and was the pick puppy from our 'A' Litter. She is linebred on Jilnannah vom Talka Marda who was the reason we purchased her mother in the first place. She is being trained in IPO and will hopefully continue our breeding program. "Kew" is our BHOT dog - Bred, Handled, Owned and Trained by us.


Kew is a fearless dog with a stable temperament and very high prey drive. Although she can appear hectic, she settles well in the house and is relatively easy to live with. She has a huge work ethic and never gives up. She has been both a joy and a challenge to work but she brings with her both her parents love of the sport. Kew is very much like her parents but has many of their traits amplified.


Kew has an impressive pedigree. Along with her parents (who are both owned by us) out of her 5 generation pedigree, only 5 dogs are titled to less than SchH 3 or IPO 3 and 27 have FH (advanced tracking) titles.  See Kew's health here and accomplishments here.

Description: Kew is an average sized female (55lbs) with high energy and a love of life. She is always ready to go and can take some time to calm down. She has no environmental issues or allergies and has great nerve and a clear head.


Coat: Kew has a short standard sable coat and carries black & tan as her recessive colour gene.


Her breed survey reads as follows:

Small, medium strength, very good expression, normal proportions, somewhat steep upper arm, adequate form back, adequate good movements, normal rear angulation, P2 bottom left missing. Stable temperament, TSB Pronounced, Dog Outs.

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