On this page you will find the results of health tests for Askew von Tighe Haus. These tests were done for three reasons; first, breeding by SV standards requires health testing. Second, some additional testing should be required and is not - and third, we want to do all we can to ensure the health of our breeding stock.


I have heard discussions that insinuate some breeders 'over test' to charge more for their puppies and I have also heard that the only reason someone would run non-required tests is because they suspect there may be an issue.  Neither of these statements is valid here.




We DNA tested Askew for the Degenerative Myelopathy mutation on October 14, 2014 - Results: N/N - Clear


Degenerative Myelopathy is a progressive disease of the spinal cord in older dogs. The disease has an insidious onset typically between 7 and 14 years of age. It begins with a loss of coordination (ataxia) in the hind limbs.


Breeding risks for DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY can be calculated using the Punnett Square



We X-rayed Kew's Hips for PennHip / Elbows on June 1st 2015


Like her mother Emmy before her, we x-rayed Kew at 8 months to see if we should continue with her training.

Results show Kew in the 90th percentile for her breed with a Distraction Index of 0.16 on both sides. The results are excellent and she will go on to have her a-stamp certification after she 12 months old.


Roll-over the x-rays to see a larger view.


Kew PH 1
This is a demo image
Kew PH AH2
Kew AH 3
Kew Left Elbow
Kew Right Elbow

We x-rayed Kew's Hips & Elbows for the a-stamp program on September 28th 2015


Although we prefer the PennHip method, for certification purposes (and a breed survey) we had Kew re-xrayed after 12 months (like her mother) for the SV's a-stamp program.  Roll over the x-rays to see a larger view. Her hips and elbows are both a-normal ZW # 69 (07.18)

Kew A-Stamp Hips
Kew A-Stamp R Elbow
Kew A-Stamp L Elbow



On July 7th, 2016 Kew passed her CAER exam


The purpose of the OFA Eye Certification Registry (CAER) is to provide breeders with information regarding canine eye diseases so that they may make informed breeding decisions in an effort to produce healthier dogs. CAER certifications will be performed by board certified (ACVO) veterinary ophthalmologists. Regardless of whether owners submit their CAER exam forms to the OFA for “certification,” all CAER exam data is collected for aggregate statistical purposes to provide information on trends in eye disease and breed susceptibility. Clinicians and students of ophthalmology as well as interested breed clubs and individual breeders and owners of specific breeds will find this useful.



On July 7th, 2016 Kew was found to have auscultation within normal limits and no evidence of congenital heart disease.


Congenital heart diseases in dogs are malformations of the heart or great vessels. The lesions characterizing congenital heart defects are present at birth and may develop more fully during perinatal and growth periods. Many congenital heart defects are thought to be genetically transmitted from parents to offspring; however, the exact modes of inheritance have not been precisely determined for all cardiovascular malformations.

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